What is Near Here?

The “Near Here” idea attempts to help answer a common question for pedestrians: “What is good around here?”. To address this question, the Near Here team has developed the idea for crowd sourced, interactive wayfinding boards. The boards are placed at key high-traffic pedestrian areas within select neighbourhoods. Passersby will be prompted to interact with the board, contributing to the board with their own suggestions and directions for places near the board. People can also simply view the board to learn from other Calgarians about what is going on “near here”.


That mainly means walking, biking, and running, but dancing and cartwheeling are highly encouraged.⁣ Calgary is a wonderful city to explore. Near Here’s goal is to help people discover new places that are not only walkable but fun to find and share.


Your community is a vibrant, dynamic place. The Near Here board helps you explore it. So often there are hidden gems right under our noses in our own community. Sharing these places helps foster a healthily spirit to the area which can increase satisfaction of your experience!


The pilot project is all about collecting YOUR knowledge. Tell us (and everyone else) all about the great places in your neighbourhood! You know best, we want to learn with you. This pilot will succeed and continue on with the drive of the community and its visitors!


Our team is just a bunch of data-nerds. Don't worry, you just need to share your favourite spots with us, we'll do the rest! We plan to capture the data on the boards to truly understand what people are interested in and how they interact with the boards.


Mackenzie Johnson

Johnson is a fourth year Information Design student at Mount Royal University. She’s interested in the way experience design will influence this project and learning more about the way users interact with urban environments. Whether she’s studying or not, you can probably find her with a coffee in hand.


Logan Krupa

Krupa is a graduate of Mount Royal University’s Information Design program and a devoted Calgary Flames fan. He is intrigued by the pilot project’s potential to inspire storytelling and is seeing how the data can be used to tangibly improve the pedestrian experience in Calgary.


Lynn Machacek

Machacek is a Transportation Engineer by day, and an urban design enthusiast by night. He will be bringing his experience in active modes and streetscape design to the project, and is excited to help improve the pedestrian experience for Calgarians.


Sean Milan

Milan is an Information Designer exploring the interaction between people and ‘things’. A normal day for Sean is talking hockey and chasing his two sons around the house. He hopes that this project can create a fun experience for people in their daily modality.



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Funded by

Alberta Traffic Safety Fund


Photography by

Emmy Wyatt - helloitsemmy.ca

Created in partnership with

The City of Calgary

Bridgeland Riverside Community Association

Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association

Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association

Kensington Business Improvement Area

Kensington Business Revitalization Zone

Marda Loop Business Improvement Area

Marda Loop Communities Association